Angelic or Hellish, You Decide.

These audio clips were found and downloaded from Soundcloud. This site allowed for the easy access of short clips that related to Relaxing or Horrible sounds. For each sound bit, I found three audio clips. Using the tool Audacity, I cut and edited each file to get a 7-10 second recording. Then I exported the work into an MP3 file.


The first audio clip is inspired by a collection of your favorite sounds which is valued at two stars. The sounds used in this clip are bubble wrap, ocean waves, and rain on a tin roof. Using the bubble wrap sound may be stressful for others but it allows me to imagine sitting in a quiet room destressing by popping bubble wrap, which has been something I have done since I was young. The second, the sound of ocean waves, remind me of being at the beach with my family. The last clip is a sound bit is of rain on a tin roof. This sound takes me back to my grandmothers house when I would visit on vacation and her porch had a tin roof.


The second audio clip is inspired by auditory hell which is valued at three stars creating a total of five. The sounds used in this clip are cars honking in traffic, a baby crying, and styrofoam rubbing together. The sound of traffic is something that has always stressed me out, when others are upset on the road and honk their horn that transfers to me feeling annoyed or upset. Second, babies crying is a sound that is upsetting since children that young are unable to communicate. You want to be helpful to your child or the kid you are caring for but with their lack of communication it can be frustrating. The last noise in this clip is styrofoam rubbing together, this is a sound that did not bother me when I was younger, but it drove my father crazy. 

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