City Accidents

Walking through the city streets you can hear and experience many things. In this audio recording, made with Audacity, you travel with someone in the streets until something horrible happens. While walking in the street, the footsteps encounter a car crash. This crash then leads to several sirens and a helicopter in the distance. After this running, footsteps take the injured person and hook them up to a life support system with a family member by their side crying and the injury becomes life threatening, causing the person pass way. To create this audio clip, there needed to be a base sound that could start off the scene; this was the car zooming by and honking of horns. The clip was originally just cars zooming by a person, but by clipping and adding car horns made the sound more realistic to a city. After this, introduction the footsteps gave the listener the knowledge that a person was present, additionally the sounds of a work truck backing up gave an additional layer to the city atmosphere. Suddenly the listener hears the sound of screeching tires and a crash.


This scene was difficult to tie into the story since there was no seamless way to transition from the city to the epic crash. Following this, sounds from a fire truck and police car entered the file. In the background there are the sounds of a helicopter off in the distance that is faint but grows louder. Once the sirens start to fade, the sounds of running footsteps appear which represents the hospital staff trying to treat the patient. Over-layed with this sound are the tears that would represent a family member and then the sound of the heart monitor of the injured patient following the tears. The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to create a seamless audio file that would make the story come to life even more. In total, this project used 12 different sound effects. This project was inspired by the Sound Effects Story worth four stars.

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