Moon Graffiti Reflection


While listening to this audio story, there were several factors that increased the realistic aspects of the story, as well as creating heightened emotions. During this podcast there was a lot of description of what the scenes would have looked like. This ties into the idea of co-imagining that was mentioned in Jad Abumrad videos. With all of the details being spoken, there was time to visualize what it would have felt like to be on the moon with Buzz and Neil. In the audio file they used overlapping techniques with intense/scary music while the actors were breathing heavy. This gave a feeling of intensity during those moments. Additionally, the tone of the actors voices allowed for significant emotion to be displayed. For example, when they described the scene of the crash and wanting to fix the radio to send one last message home to their family, it felt like a desperate cry for help. Another audio technique they used seemed to be the muffled communication that would have come from speaking through a space suit; this make the moments even more realistic. One thing that was interesting while listening to this was that there are a lot of distractions. Listening to the first half, my eyes were open and focusing on other things around the room while listening to the recording. As the recording went on closing my eyes helped me to be in the moment with the voice. This allowed for a much deeper understanding of the situation and blocked out a lot of extra distractions. Overall, there were several audio techniques like music overlaying changes in the sounds of the voices as well as changes in tone of the characters.


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