6 Second Art

This video assignment relates back to the story of Humpty Dumty. The following video is six still photos of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. This video was put together using the same app as the College Snapshot, which was SlideShow Video Maker. To create this setting I used clipart printed on cardstock paper. Then I took an egg, drew two faces one on each side, and moved it across the scene. To end I created the last image of broken Humpty Dumpty I cracked an egg with a spoon. Overall this assignment was had to create due to the time limit. It allowed me to be creative in what shots I actually wanted to capture. This assignment was inspired by SixSecondArt and is worth two stars.

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  • This video is great! i love the stop motion pictures! It really tells the nursery rhyme in less than 6 seconds. Great job!

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