Chocolate Chip Cookie Creation

The story that I would like to share with you comes from a multi-generational family tradition. This tradition is mainly shared around the holidays to spread cheer and joy. The tradition that I am referring to is baking cookies, and then sharing them with family and friends. With all of the joy during the holidays, it makes baking cookies so much fun. Typically, my family will bake seven to ten different types of cookies, then we package the cookies in boxes and give them to friends and family. Today, the cookie recipe that I will be creating is chocolate chip cookies. The cookbook that this recipe comes from was given to my mother by her grandmother.

Cookbook Cover

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The photos in this gallery show the beginning of the story. The cookie making process starts off with gathering ingredients and preparing the utensils needed for baking. First, you will need the cookbook, which holds the recipe. The additional utensils with the cookbook are used to scrape off the top of the flour and sugar to get an even cup of each ingredient and the edge of the bowl. Next, there is measuring cups and tablespoons laid out with the tool that will later chop the nuts. The following image represents the cooling rack, baking tray, cookie scoop, and hot pads needed to make the cookies safely. Now, time for the ingredients. The image with butter, eggs, and more contains what is known as the wet ingredients in baking since they cream together easily. Next is flour, salt, and baking soda; these are known as the dry ingredients. Lastly, the most flavorful ingredients chocolate chips and walnuts! Once all of these delicious ingredients are combined, we have an amazing cookie dough.

To bring you along through the cookie creation journey, I created two other media methods besides photography to share the experience. The first media I decided to create was audio. While creating this audio I made clips of each step in the cookie baking process, from opening the cookbook to scraping the cookies off of the tray. Listen and enjoy the sounds of cookies being made!

The next method of media that I worked with was film. For each step in the process in creating these traditional cookies, I recorded what was happening. For example, adding the baking soda to the dry ingredients would be an individual clip. To this video, I added a voice over and background music. To create a more clean transition from my voice to the background music, I used a method called fading. This was something that I did not use while creating my How To video in last week’s work. Learning how to use fading allowed for my work to be elevated with smoother transitions.

The last method of media that I created was a graphic design. The design I created is used to start my cookie creation video. Additionally if it was the holidays, I would attach this tag to all of the cookie boxes before delivering them. This allows the family to enjoy the cookies while knowing that our family is thinking about them in the holiday season.