“Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill”, says Amy Copperman in her article 8 Basic Principles of Design. There are a few key factors that help graphic design look well organized and thought out. These 8 basic principles are Alignment, Hierarchy, Contrast, Repetition, Proximity, Balance, Color, and Space. Below five of the eight principles will be discussed in greater details based off of real world graphic design that can be found in our daily environment.

In the image above, the alignment principle is displayed. Alignment relates to having an ordered look to remove clutter and distractions. In the Table of Contents, it is easy to see that the text is aligned on the right side of the page. 

The phrase “Be Yourself” is a sharp contrast from the blue background. Contrast in images allows for the important information to be drawn out so that it is seen very easily. This contrast is in line with similar contrasts between light and dark, the dark blue allows for the bright white font to stand out on the page.

The origin of this soft pretzel bites label creates the feeling of balance. Balance in this image allows for it to look very professional. Additionally, there is symmetry in this label. At the top there is bands of colors that are identical to the bottom which makes it uniform. 

In this Penguins poster there is a distinct color scheme that is used. Color is one of the ways that mood can be evoked in graphic design. In this image the yellow/gold from the logo is tied into the font color. Additionally, the color yellow typically shows happiness which can affect how the view reads the sign.

Leaving the middle center of an image free of text is difficult because that is where the eye travels first. You want the view to get all of their information immediately, in addition you do not want to block the significance of the background. This empty space allows you to highlight the importance of the page which is the image of the swimmers.

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