For this assignment we had to complete a Photoblitz. What is a Photoblitz you ask? A Photoblitz is where you set a designated time amount, for example 15 minutes, and your create random ‘topics’ to take photos of. We had a plethora of photo ideas to take when we did this assignment. While capturing these photos I felt a sense of urgency and was very rushed to get as many photos as I possibly could in the short amount of time. Additionally, I wanted these photos to truly capture the subject they were intended to which made taking photos quickly very hard.


I choose to do this challenge at my house, since I believed there to be a lot of things to take pictures of. Also there was the option to go outside to take photos of nature, if need be. The photos that worked easiest and the best for me were of the natural scenes. Natural landscapes is what I typically like to shoot when I do take photos. The most inventive photo that I took was of the light in my bathroom. This image was not only taken into a bright light but it also was taken at an usual angle, vertical. I wanted to capture the glow of the light without it being washed out which was a challenge! In the gallery below you can see all of the images taken during this Photoblitz. Additionally, this plug-in allows you to toggle between view, a timed slide show or thumbnails. If you want to read a short description of why that photo was used, simply tap the image!



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