Mid-Week One


During the beginning part of this week, there was a lot of time spent to creating new accounts all the social media platforms. So far, the hardest accounts to use are Twitter and Slack. I have never used twitter before so it has taken me some time to fully figure out what I am doing! On Twitter this week, we posted our Daily Create from May 22, 2018 which was a Say What You See Puzzle! Then we responded to the Daily Create with my our version of a Say What You See Puzzle; here’s mine!



While creating my sub-domain and posting for the first time about my Instagram, I found a very beneficial plug-in called Instagram Feed that will embed your feed into the post! I thought this was a entertaining and creative way to display my social media! Go check out that post by clicking here!

Another tool that I used in creating these accounts is Canva. This tool is very helpful in creating header images for social platforms. The image that I created was inspired by my love for urban spaces!



What is your favorite type of story? Why?

To answer this question, my favorite type of story would be Action/Adventure or Mystery. An Action/Adventure story takes the reader on this journey to a fiction or non-fiction place. Having a creative imagination, I am able to submerse myself into a book an genuinely feel like I am there in the moment to experience what is happening. Mystery is another type of story that I find very thought provoking. This genre of story keeps readers on the edge of their seats guessing what will happen next! Having a mystery type of story keeps the reader involved and interacting with the story!


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