End of Week 4


This week was all about working with videos. The first assignment that I tackled this week was my College Snapshot. This assignment was an amazing way to see the recap of my year at Mary Washington. This video also gave me lots of ideas of how to use the SlideShow app! This video was truly made special when I found that I could do an overlay with the song “I Lived It” by Blake Shelton. This was a straightforward assignment which was exciting and also heartfelt. 

The next assignment I worked on was the Six Second Art.. This assignment stumped me for awhile until I decided to use stop motion as my method during the six seconds. This video was shot while I had my phone taped to a stand in order to keep the frame consistent. This contraption holding my phone was unbalanced and put together in the spur of the moment, but I definitely got the job done, as well as teaching me the importance of the same frame for each image.


The next assignment I took on was signing words that were longer then five letters. Truthfully, this video was very easy for me, since I have taken three years of American Sign Language (ASL) in high school and then again taking ASL for my college language requirement.  Signing Words  was an assignment that was fun, since it brought me back to the basics of ASL. Additionally, this video was filmed on my iPhone and then the beginning and ending were cropped to make it more polished.


The Instant Replay assignment was something creative for me to complete. Creating this video, my mother and I laughed hysterically since it took so many takes for her to push the egg off of the brick while I filmed. The noise of us talking was something that I learned how to edit out of the video using iMoive. Additionally, adding text to the video allowed for an understating of what was happening.

This Vlog was something I was very excited to take on! I typically watch a lot of YouTube videos of daily vloggers like Alex Wassabi. These YouTubers put so much work into their videos and I wanted to have a little experience with what they do. During this day, I felt that I was saying “wait I need to record that” in order to have enough footage to make a video. Additionally, I felt nervous to talk in front of the camera,  that is why in every clip there is a short caption about what is happening.


Lastly, I created my third nursery rhyme inspired video a How to.. In my recreation of Humpty Dumpty, he does not fall off the wall but rather he hosts a ball. This video describes the steps and materials necessary to create a masquerade masks for a ball! These masks are very customizable. The draw to create a mask comes from my love to dress up and go to formal events. In my daily life, I wear very casual clothing but when I have the opportunity to dress up, I will definitely take it! In total,  these video assignments add up to a total of twelve stars.

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