End of Week One



This week’s reflection will be short and to the point since a lot of my work has already been show in other posts. During this part of the week we focused on digital photography. To start the week I worked on a Photoblitz Challenge. We had a set time limit of 15 minutes to find random scenes to practice our skills and tips that we learned throughout the week. Additionally this week, the course focused in on tips to make the subject of the photo really shine. Putting this knowledge to the test, we looked at photos from Abandoned America. To see what I learned during this week click here! Second to last, we had an assignment in which we looked at different photography and editing styles to create art of our own. We used the star system in the top left corner of each post to add up to six. My storytelling though photos was about action and mystery genres, follow this link to see more! Lastly, for this course we had to finish two daily creates, embed below are the daily creates that I choose to do!




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