End of Week Three

To start this part of the week, I worked diligently to find audio files from Freesound. This site allowed me to fine great sound bites for my Sound Effect assignment. This story took time to plan and edit. After downloading all of the files, it was time to crop them; this meant find the right sounds and maneuvering them to the right moment in the story so that it would be cohesive. The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to transition the audio files to make it seem like one piece. Additionally, this sound bite is posted onto Soundcloud, click here to listen.

Next, we had to complete five more stars worth of work from the Audio assignments on the DS106 page. The five additional stars that I created were of pleasant sounds contrasted by unpleasant sounds. For this assignment, I was able to compile and edit three pleasant and then three unpleasant sounds and create two audio files. Click here to listen to this assignment and read more about the work that went into it.



For participation and commenting this week, I first looked at Kim’s post about sounds from hell. I happened to pick the same additional assignment, so I found it unique to compare the two. Kim overlaid her sounds creating one horrible sound where as I interpreted the project to be a sound track of the worst noises to listen but there were all in separate sections of the audio clip. I found it helpful that she was able to explain why the sounds were so horrible to her, which allowed me to have a deeper connection with the sound.

Then I looked at Anna’s post about Sammy Da Eagle. This music parody truly made me laugh! As I wrote in the comment I know several OC’s and OL’s and I think this really fits into their theme! The only thing I wish I could see was a link to the lyrics! Overall, this post truly brightened my day!


Additionally, this week we created two daily creates and posted them on slack and Twitter 



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