End of Week Two

During this week we had to complete several assignments. The first task was to recreate our favorite book cover. Personally, I am not a huge reader so this made choosing from books much easier. The book cover that I recreated was If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Using the tool Canva, I redesigned the book cover to make it similar, but unique. I took some inspiration by using the speech bubble appearance from the cover of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. To see my redesigned book cover, click here!


What if you could change history? Well, I did in our alternate history assignment! The question I researched and then changed was “What if Marilyn Monroe survived?” This post is about how Monroe would have changed minds of young women by being more involved in social matters.


To gain four additional stars for this weeks assignment, I searched through the DS 106 Assignment bank under the Design Assignment category. Here I found two intriguing ideas. The first is related to the design of a tattoo. For the past few years, I have contemplated getting a tattoo. This assignment got me thinking into what type of design I would actually be comfortable getting. The design I uploaded is a rough sketch of a compass which relates to my major, as well as my love for travel. The next assignment I completed was working with contrast. I found an image of the desert and a quote relating to cold temperatures and combined them. These assignments are located here.



For class participation, I first looked at Karina’s webpage.  This site was laid out nicely and I could easily find the posts from this week. I read her post about creating a new book cover. In this post was a very detailed explanation about how she went about redesigning a cover, the images in the post were helpful if someone was new to the Canva tool. A constructive comment that I gave was about the layout of the post. Visually the layout is appealing but when trying to read the post practically it is hard to follow what section I was at. Overall, I enjoyed the step by step guide.

The content on Late Night Cat Dreams post was very creative! A part of his page that was very useful was the related YouTube video that he made while he was creating the PSA flyer. Looking at this page, I was inspired with the different things that I could use in Canva as well as working towards making a similar tutorial video for one of my assignments.

Lastly, I looked at  Kimmy’s webpage.  The post I read on this site was about creating an alternative history involving Napoleon winning Waterloo. This post had an amazing balance between images and text. It was unfortunate however, because the image she created for her site did not show up when viewing her page.


Additionally this week I completed two daily creates and posted them on twitter and slack!


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  • Hello! I loved your summary blog ending. I didn’t even consider inserting links to the comments I was leaving until I read it on yours. I imagine it would make the teachers job easier in verifying that the participation part was completed. I’m going to take that idea and use it in mine as well. As far as something you can use to improve your post; If you paste in the full URL to one of your WordPress blogs, it automatically converts it into a nifty looking rectangle box with your site logo and a little snippet from your blog. It might look a little better than a simple text link that you used to link to your posts from this week.

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