MidWeek 2 Reflection

This week the Ted Talk videos along with the Canva tutorials helped me in several ways to reconstruct how I look at tackling design. This week when completing the DesignBlitz challenge, I was able to see the aspects of design that was shown in the materials come to life.  In relation to David Carson’s video, the balance principle made the tone of the advertisement/brand enticing. The teachings that resonated most with me were from Paula Scher video. Paula had a way of describing design that I had never viewed before which helped me to understand other aspects of design. With all of these sources one thing that seemed to contradict that was David Carson’s video with the teachings on Canva. When he was presenting there was several words that seemed to be hazy or even hard to read with the background. Canva, on the other hand, made very clean and organized text with easy to see backgrounds. Overall, these design tutorials helped me to extend my knowledge of graphic design. For a more detailed review of these videos and tutorial, please click here.




This week’s question revolves around alternate histories. We must choose one thing from history that we could change to provide a work of fiction for how the world we live in could be different. The question I choose to further investigate is, What if Marilyn Monroe survived? For those of you that do not know, Marilyn Monroe passed away due to a barbiturate overdose. In choosing this question, I hope to view an alternate perspective of how Monroe’s fame would have shaped the social world that we live in. 

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