MidWeek Four Reflection


Starting off the week, we read an article by the famous movie critic Robert Ebert. This article “How to Read a Movie” explores the deeper meaning behind the placement of characters and objects in each frame of the film. These placements provide emotions to the frame they are representing. This visual representation using the Rule of Thirds was presented when talking about photography and personally the connection of movies being shot in frames, or still images, makes them just a bunch of images. This thought, along with a few points other key points that were noteworthy to talk more about are noted in greater detail here.


Moving forward, the next task assigned this week was to watch four short videos about film making. From the list of videos, I ended up watching all of them. Some of the videos made more sense to me than others, so that is why I summarized them here. These videos helped me to understand the importance of editing and the angle at which a scene is shot.

What childhood nursery rhyme would you like to write a story about but change the meaning completely.  If it was sad make it happy, if it was scary make it funny, if it was funny make it into something serious.
The nursery rhyme that I choose was Humpty Dumpty. This childhood rhyme has a sad ending; Humpty Dumpty cannot be pieced back together after he falls off the wall. The remix that I have created invites the King’s horses and men to a ball that is hosted by Mr. Humpty Dumpty himself. This recreation does not end in Humpty Dumpty broken on the ground, making it much happier than the original.


Lastly, this week we created two Daily Creates and posted them on Slack and Twitter.



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