MidWeek Three Reflection

This week, our assignments revolved around the audio world. Our first assignment was listening to two short videos from Jad Abumrad explaining some of his experiences with radio and digital storytelling. Abumrad brings up thought-provoking points about how people interact with digital storytelling. To see these videos and read a short description click here! Additionally in this link, there are some audio resources that are mentioned.


The next assignment for this week was to listen to Moon Graffiti by The Truth Podcast. Listening to this audio file, there were several different features that went into making the podcast. Overlying music, changing tone, and voice editing all went into creating an emotional piece of Buzz and Neil being stranded on the moon. To read more about this podcast click here!


Additionally, this week I created two daily Creates and posted them on Twitter and Slack.



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  • Great midweek summary! I really enjoyed how simple and to the point, you made the summary and the activities you did this week! Perhaps in the future, a little more on the week and your progression in the week? Still a great job!

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