Week 5

For this cumulative final project I wanted to tell a story that was very meaningful to my childhood. To me, being in the kitchen is what inspired my love for cooking. The recipe and story that I want to bring to you is about baking cookies during the holidays. The cookie I choose to create for you is a traditional chocolate chip cookie. My story telling process starts off by bringing the viewer through a photo gallery of what is needed in order to create cookies. This gallery contains photos of the cookbook utensils and ingredients needed.


The next method of media that I used was audio. While making the cookies I recorded every step of the process. This, along with taking videos which I will talk about next, made mixing and baking the cookies a much longer process than normal. This also was incredibly difficult with two dogs in the house. Their nails on the wood floor or their heavy breathing interfered with a lot of the audio clips. Additionally, this part of the final project seemed to be the most difficult for me. I recorded the files on my iPhone and then sent them to my email to edit on Audacity using my laptop; however this the file type from my iPhone was not compatible with Audacity. With these difficulties, it meant I had to get creative and use iMovie with no images to create the sound file, since that was the only tool that I could edit the sound clips in.


As I mentioned before, the video mark of the cookie making process made it extremely long. Also, each video take had to be almost exact because there was no way to re-shoot for example, cracking eggs, without creating waste. I was lucky enough to have my mom home while working on this project so she could be my camera woman, without her I would have had to create a contraption to hold my phone at the right angle while recording.


The last piece of my final project was to create a graphic design using Canva. I wanted to create something that looked whimsical, but I could not find a base layout that struck my fancy. As I was looking through all of the layouts, I decided that whimsical was not going to work, so I choose a design that looked more modern and professional. Using Pexel, I downloaded free stock photos of chocolate chip cookies and added them to the template. Lastly, I changed the text and color to solidify my design.

To see the culmination of all of my work for the final project click here!


Lastly, this week we completed three Daily Creates and posted them to Slack and Twitter.




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